By appointment only:


& Non-Canadian Travel Document Photos

Individual/group appointments can be booked by phone for one 30 minute slot.
Children MUST be able to sit on a stool by themselves – no babies at the moment.
If you are not coming for standard Canadian Passport, Citizenship or Permanent Residence Card photos, you MUST bring the specification for your photo with you when you come. Make sure to avoid wearing any white or light coloured shirt, since this will interfere with the white background of the photo, potentially leading to a rejected application.

Canadian Passports Photos or standard Canadian-size travel documents — $21.99

Non-Canadian Travel Document Photos (Custom Size / Coloured-Background) — $24.99   * Visas and Passport photo for other regions rarely share Canadian printing requirements. Please know your dimensions and specifications in advance.

Digital Copy of Photo — an additional $10.00 with Prints OR $18.00 for only a Digital Copy.

Extra Prints$10.00 per additional sheet of two.

100% Guarantee — If for any reason your passport photo does not meet Passport Canada specifications, we will re-take your photo at no additional charge.

Jiffy Photo and Print can photograph and print photos for all ID requirements include colour backgrounds, digital files and a variety of sizes.  Please bring with you the requirements for the photos you require.

Tips for a Better Passport Picture

1. Wear dark clothing; white shirts that blend in with the background get turned down.

2. Remove glasses; photos will be rejected due to glare.

3. Keep a neutral expression.

4. Forms and other information available at


Monday to Friday • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm  |  Saturday and  Sunday • CLOSED

Passport photo services: only by appointment; From 9:30am to 4pm.
Please visit the link for more details.

All orders can be placed in-person, by phone, or online via our online shop / email.