LARGE FORMAT SCANNING – up to 36” wide, for building plans and more

PHOTO SCANNING – up to 36″ wide, unlimited length 

DOCUMENTS (from single pages to books), either as image formats, PDF’s or character recognized documents you can search and edit

Negatives – 35 mm & APS both in roll from and in cut negatives 

 Negatives – Larger 120, 620, 4×5 and other formats • Slides to Digital  Slides 35mm and other formats  

We also offer Video transfer services for most formats of film and video tape.

Scanning or transferring your images to a digital format is a great way to preserve those images and memories.  Prints, Slides, Negatives and Videos degrade with time, the images fade and the quality deteriorates.  Once something is scanned that aging process is halted, and sometimes images can be restored as part of the scanning process.  Additionally once your images are scanned you can easily keep multiple backups in multiple locations (including cloud storage) which will protect your memories in case of fire or any other types of disasters.

It should be noted that while digital image don’t degrade the media they are stored on can.  CD’s and DVD’s will deteriorate with time, it is generally accepted that a CD or DVD will last at least 10 years however you should keep in mind that at some point those images should be copied on to new disks or USB.

Another important consideration with digital media is to keep up with technology. With how quickly technology changes, 10 years from now CDs may not be widely used any more and you may have a hard time finding devices that can read the data off of CDs.  In order to keep your images accessible, you should periodically transfer them to a newer storage media.

Scanning Negatives

Do you have boxes of old photo negatives that you would like to print or convert to digital? Jiffy can scan 35 mm negatives into high quality, digital files and then make prints if required.  Scanning is done either by the roll if the negatives are uncut (i.e. still in a connected roll of 12, 24 or 36 shots), or by the strip if the negatives are cut.


35mm scans at 1000×1500px can print up to 8×10″
35mm scans at 2000×3000px can print up to 16×20″

Slides Scanning

Jiffy Photo & Print can scan most formats of slides.  We have a Batch scanner that will scan 35 mm slides (or anything in a slide mount that isn’t any larger than a standard 35 mm slide mount).

Things to keep in mind when getting ready to bring in your slides:

  • Slides should ideally be in trays (of any type, including carousels) or in boxes (bundled).  It is helpful if they can all be oriented the same direction.
  • If you want the slides scanned in order, THEY MUST BE NUMBERED.

Turn-around times vary depending on work load, so please inquire when placing your order.

Photo Scanning

Our standard photo scanners can scan photos up to 11.7 x 17″ into a JPG file format.  Typically batch scanning is done at a 300 dpi resolution, which is enough for most applications; however, higher 600 dpi scanning is also available. Once scanned, we can burn the set to a CD, save to a memory card or USB Flash drive, or transfer them to an e-mail address.

Document Scanning Service

Jiffy Photo provides document scanning services for businesses and individuals.

Scanning your documents provides many advantages over traditional storage methods which includes:

  • Search-ability – Text Searchable scans can be made from most typed or printed documents.  Once digitized you can quickly search for a document of your choice. Easily search for a word or phrase in a document in seconds instead of manually searching through 100’s of pages of text.
  • Space savings – We can scan 1000’s of pages of text on to one DVD. That means boxes of documents condensed onto just a few disks.  This frees up lots of space and if you are paying for a storage unit to contain your documents the savings could quickly pay for the cost of the scanning.
  • Security – If your paper records get destroyed they are gone forever.  If you scan your documents you can easily keep backups in multiple locations (including cloud storage) which will protect them in case of fire or any other types of disasters.
  • Accessibility – You certainly can’t take filing cabinets of data with you wherever you go but you can take a filing cabinet worth of data on DVD, and with today’s cloud storage options your data can be accessible from anywhere even on your phone.


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